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My favourite places to buy collagen and gelatine powder

Updated: Jun 6

Collagen powder would be one of my top 5 desert island supplements - as in, if I hypothetically were to get stuck on a desert island for an unknown length of time and I had to choose a handful of supplements to take with me, collagen powder is high on the list of priorities in my 'thrival' and survival.

My other desert island supplements would include vitamin c (although I expect to have easy access to vitamin c-rich fruits so this isn’t a dealbreaker; use code ASHIYA5 to get 5% off), activated charcoal (to detoxify any contaminants in case I accidentally eat something dodgy; use code ASHIYA5 to get 5% off), Saccharomyces Boulardii (well-researched for preventing and treating for gastrointestinal diseases), and finally, a good B-complex (can be difficult to attain enough through just foods and I think our requirements are underrated! Use code ASHIYA5 to get 5% off).

Back to collagen. Collagen (and gelatine) powder contain anti-inflammatory amino acids like proline, glycine, and arginine, which have pro-metabolic and pro-thyroid effects. A strong metabolism (i.e., how well our cells create and use energy) is the pinnacle marker of good health. A few signs of good metabolic health include warm fingertips and toes, good digestion, strong hair and nails, glowing skin, and generally having a happy and content temperament. The thyroid hormones affect EVERY SINGLE CELL of the body, which in my humble opinion makes thyroid hormones a little intimidating because symptoms related to thyroid dysfunction are V A S T. From insomnia, hair loss, and impaired memory, to coarse skin, muscle aches, and cold intolerance; a lot of health struggles do come down to some degree of thyroid dysfunction. Hence, anything that supports good thyroid function is a priority for me.

In comes collage powder! In no specific order, here are my top places to purchase collagen:

  • Saturée - they carry halal bovine and marine collagen powder, and halal gelatine powder

Use code TAYYIB for 10% off your entire order!

Find out about the difference between collagen and gelatine here.

  • Ancient + Brave - they carry halal bovine and collagen powder. (And MCT oil which I use for oil pulling).

  • Hunter & Gather - they carry halal bovine and collagen powder. (And MCT oil which I use for oil pulling).

Use code TAYYIBWELLNESS for 10% off your entire order!

Use code ASHIYA5 for 5% off your entire order!

If you are not inclined to taking supplements, you can make a collagen-rich broth at home (search online for recipes or check my saved recipes here) or buy ready-made halal, delicious-tasting and versatile bone broth here.

Please note, some brands do not advertise their products as halal-certified. If you want to double check, please contact the brands directly.

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