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“I really enjoyed working with Ashiya to address my hormonal issues. She was extremely thorough and provided a level of detail that was really helpful for me. Even though she lives in another country, Ashiya searched for brands and providers in my country (USA) that I could get products and services from. I’ve not met any other wellness professional who offers this level of detail.


Every recommendation she gave was based on scientific explanation and sought to address the root cause instead of just giving a bandaid solution. Working with Ashiya was like getting a masterclass in female wellness. She’s calm, listens to you and I just innately trust her.


I’m in the process of recovery and am grateful to her for all her help. I recommend her strongly and without any hesitation.”

- A. K.

I am extremely grateful for the support of Ashiya (Tayyib Wellness). I wanted to work with Ashiya to improve my health and well being in a way which aligns to my deen. I initially came with a woman's health condition but in our thorough consultations, I was guided by Ashiya to look more broadly at my physical and mental health and each of my presenting symptoms individually, bringing to light apsects of my day to day life that I had not fully considered were affecting my health.

I am certain that if not for Ashiya's patient approach and in-depth knowledge, there are many aspects of my diet and routine that would have been left unresolved, which I would not have been had the confidence to raise with other health professionals.

I have noted several improvements to my condition since starting to work with Ashiya, most importantly my energy levels, which have been at rock bottom, increased enabling me to live a fuller life with my family. My pain is also less than before and I have a better understanding of how to respond to what my body needs at different times.


Ashiya explains topics clearly and fully, providing well designed resources. Myself and my whole family have benefited from the knowledge we have gained about how to take care of our bodies.


I would not hesitate to recommend working with Tayyib Wellness; Ashiya provides a professional, caring and highly considerate service.

- Zoya

I started working with Ashiya to get support with my hormonal health and I was experiencing horrible period pains. The service that Ashiya provides is very comprehensive. I felt as though Ashiya really took the time to find out as much information as people before giving me advice.


She asked questions in a holistic way and is very knowledgeable. She had suggestions and tips for my questions. All the consultations were well organised and I received my protocols in good time after the consultations. The PDFs and resources provided were also invaluable. I now feel more empowered, know more about my body and what it needs and will continue to explore through nutritional therapy.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ashiya to a friend or family member. My periods have become a little less painful but I've also learnt so much so I'm glad I started this journey.

- F. M.

"I have been working with Ashiya for some time now, initially I was very weak with deficiencies and hormonal inbalances. Ashiya was able to recognise my issues and provided an informed and amazing path for me.


Alhamdulilah I am able to walk for 30 mins everyday (earlier couldnt even walk for 10 mins), I have strength and energy to get the normal days work done. My sleep patterns have also improved a lot, my periods are without pain (earlier I would be in severe pain and discomfort weeks before the periods). The food plan provided by Ashiya is so thorough and covers everything from mindset to nutrition.


I am so happy that I got to work with Ashiya, who was very patient and listened to all my needs and Alhamdulilah provided a solution.


I high recommend her to anyone who wants to seek alternative approach to be healthy."

- Mariam

"I booked a session with Ashiya last August (2021), although it was only one session and I really wish I'd booked more follow up consultations, she really helped me with my health issues! Her questions were thorough and she explained and clarified suggestions and also answered my questions I had after she sent the protocol to me.


She helped tweak things that weren't working as well for me and the protocol was very detailed and not overwhelming. I've had an encounter with a naturopath previously and felt I had too much information thrown at me and too many changes to my lifestyle that wasn't sustainable but Ashiya spaced things out in steps that are realistic and possible!


I absolutely loved that she factored faith into the protocol too to help overcome stress.


Thank you very much for the advice and support from just that one session."

- Maariyah

I have had a really good experience working with Ashiya. Her hard work, dedication and efforts makes her a unique nutritional therapist. She is very responsive and plans and guides each session by making me understand what is actually going on with me, and what can I do to overcome my problems. She is very caring and respects the condition of her clients.


I felt that she understood the mental impact my health had on me , which is exactly what I needed. I couldn’t thank Ashiya enough. She helped me improve mental health which made me feel so much better, simply because of her better nutrition advice. And taught me to listen and trust my body. I would recommend everyone who’s struggling with their health to work with Ashiya.


Thank you so much for being such a kind and wonderful nutritional therapist.


- Mounira

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